Cary Bynum

President & CEO

Founder, president, and the first one to be grateful for the folks who make this place a great place to be.

Jonathan Greene

Art Director

“There is always a need to create something new, constantly bettering what you’ve done before, whether that change is improving your current skillset or learning a completely new way of doing things in a landscape that constantly changes.”

Marc Stricklin

Creative Director

If designers were superheroes, Marc would be Batman. Stealth. Power. More tools in his belt than would seem possible.

Amy Greene

Web Developer

“Dogs. Got to love them. And tabloid trials. And Dr. Phil. You got to love him, too.”

Lee Little

Production Artist

“When you’re committed to doing the right thing, good things happen for everybody.”

Brandy Davis

Client Solutions Manager

“My Dad told me at a young age, ‘If you show up 10 minutes early, then you’ll never be late.’ Don’t ever be late.”

Lauren Beason

Media Strategist

Nothing beats being part of a team. Success is so much bigger than just one person.

Susan Leavoy

Accounting Assistant

“Hearing the words ‘great job!’ makes my day. As does having all timesheets up to date.”

Melissa Banks

Agency Manager

“The world would be a better place if everyone was committed to the task at hand and delivered more than expected.”

Tina Vermillion

Project Manager

“Be The Wolf, but not the big bad one.”

Jerry May

Executive Vice President, Accounts

Major brand experience. Impeccable resume. Could work anywhere. Works here.

Michelle Adams

Vice President, Interactive

Our resident digital services queen and Spanish translator. And Mona’s mom.

Jeff Lawrence

Chief Operating Officer

The “L”, in blr. Highly trained strategist, master of finance, operations and all-round good guy.

Megan Johnson

Media Strategist

I like results. Competitive should have been my name and mastering negotiations my game!

Wayne Franklin

Associate Creative Director

Writer, director, editor, a founder of the Sidewalk Film Festival, best-selling author, documentarian, fashion model.

Lisa DeAraujo

Vice President, Account Service

“My favorite ‘drop the mic’ moment is when we can tell the team that we just took the client’s projections and crushed them.”

Christel Barnett

Account Manager

“I like taking a client’s vision and bringing it to fruition. I just so happen to be that bubbly (and sometimes annoying) kid sister.”

Sharon Bynum

Traffic Coordinator

Co-founder, office mom and inventor of “the blur,” the official libation of the blr Christmas party.

Ejemole Ojukwu

Director of IT

Meet a man with no time for downtime. Ejemole has been keeping us up and running since 2010.