We’ve taken further to a whole new level.

blr | further is now 9Rooftops Health

We’ve got news and we’re shouting it from the rooftops—specifically our rooftops in Birmingham and Nashville. blr | further is now 9Rooftops Health, a coming together of three powerhouse agencies in nine locations around the country for the specific purpose of creating more. More research and more data. More insight-driven creative. More digital-first solutions. More everything. So, here’s to our fellow 9 Rooftoppers perched in Boston and New York. To the crew in Chicago and Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Hilton Head and Miami. The sky just became the limit. And, finally, here’s to our client partners who are in constant need of more. Look up. More is here.


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Lauren Beason

Google Antitrust
Digital Marketing
July 15, 2019

Google vs. U.S. Justice Department

Things are heating up between Google and the U.S. Justice Department over a pending antitrust investigation regarding the search engine’s empire. It consists of business platforms ranging from email, maps,…
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