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The Job:

Digital Addix is one of the country’s fastest-growing digital media companies. Their secret sauce? The human part of the equation that most technology-driven media companies leave out. The Digital Addix story is about getting the most out of programmatic media or paid social by digging deeper into data, measuring and monitoring incessantly and optimizing everything to achieve greater results.

The Client:

The Solution:

CMOs only want results. That’s it. Digital Addix had to tell the story from their clients’ side of the table, meaning they had to find a believable way to express their value in creating successful digital-based media campaigns. Cost per thousand, click through rates and other overused and often misguided metrics had to give way to a discussion about bottom line results. The resulting story played out in collateral, sales materials, advertising, on the web and in their own ability to tell their story in presentations.

Todd JuneauPresident

“Creating the visual and written communications of a brand and it’s vision is no easy task. Combine that with a brand that is a digital technology company and new to market and finding it’s way through an ever changing industry, and you have an even more difficult problem to solve. Thankfully the team at BLR really understood our brand and how to bring it to life in a way I had not even considered. They listened and were able to translate the “Why” for our company into a new look with new messaging that will help us differentiate and grow."

The Results: